New York is known for its diverse neighborhoods and the distinct properties found in each area -- from the classic architecture of Central Park West to the contemporary lofts in Soho and Tribeca.
There are plenty of choices when it comes to dining out on the Upper East Side and here's just a sample around the 70s thru 80s.
The Gramercy Park - Union Square neighborhoods offer residents everything they need day to day, from essentials to that special experience, parks included.
A glimpse at what people are doing in the various neighborhoods throughout the city...

The towns and villages that line the banks of the Hudson River still retain much of their Old World charm. Every weekend during from Spring through Fall, visitors come in search of antique bargains, hiking the Hudson Highlands and having fun on the river...
Cold Spring is located 50 miles north of manhattan on the Hudson River in a rural area steeped in history and rich in natural treasures, rolling hills, biking trails, babbling brooks.
Garrison is a charming 'dirt road' country hideaway on the Hudson River. Residents still enjoy the spectacular river views so often captured on the canvases of 19th-century landscape painters.
West Point's dramatic setting, in the heart of New York's Hudson Valley, invites you to an experience unmatched by any other. Be sure to visit in May for the series of colorful reviews by the Corps of Cadets.
Beacon, once known primarily for its hilltop casino, fine wool hats, biscuit wrappers, civil war guns and red bricks comes into a renaissance with a world class art museum, galleries and small town charm.
Newburgh is in a renaissance with all of its stately old buildings, parks and cathedrals. In the 1800s it was a cornerstone of the Hudson River Valley- shipping, commerce, architecure, culture and the arts all flourished.